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PriceSquawk Audible Market Technology

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PriceSquawk lets you hear buyers lifting offers or sellers hitting the bids, how aggressive they are, and the resulting price action.


PriceSquawk Add-On

Install the PriceSquawk NinjaTrader indicator or use with Jigsaw Trading's Reconstructed Tape in OEC / S5 or MultiCharts.NET


PriceSquawk Desktop

Our desktop platform will add another dimension to your DTN.IQ, TT or CQG data.


What is PriceSquawk?

PriceSquawk is an audible trading tool, allowing you to listen to price action, buying and selling activity and volume flow in any market by converting market data into trade sounds, and monitoring the order flow for volume specific alerts. You can configure PriceSquawk to play discreet buy or sell digital sounds per trade or to commentate all market action using our proprietary speech engine, giving you a personalized squawk-box for any market.

PriceSquawk allows you to listen for order flow events such as iceberg orders, large traders and spikes in volume, without the need to monitor the tape or DOM. This helps you remain flexible around the trading desk, yet focused constantly on key market information. PriceSquawk lets you monitor multiple markets in parallel by providing a wide range of distinct and intuitive sound effects and announcements that can be customized for each market, providing a clear narrative of trading activity, price action and order flow across multiple markets simultaneously.

PriceSquawk is available as a standalone desktop application for use with iQFeed, X_Trader Pro and the CQG API, or as an add-on for NinjaTrader 7 and 8 and Jigsaw Trading Tool’s Reconstructed Tape. All PriceSquawk products allow a full functionality trial for 14 days and can be downloaded now from the download page with no personal details required. PriceSquawk can be used indefinitely, for free, after the trial period with limited sound effects and features allowing traders to stay tuned to the tape.

Download PriceSquawk now to improve your trading performance with a sharp market perspective.

I had my best year trading ever last year.  I credit this to P$.

I am now 68 and have been trading futures over 10 years. Only ever trading ES. The problems of trading alone and being alone are huge: The distractions, the ability to focus, trade without hesitation…With Price$quawk I am able to NOT be in a trading room

Also, I have been using P$ for almost a year and I have sound setups I can’t define, it is really subtle, but I recognize a certain  rhythm, I only wish I had this 10yrs ago.

Yes, P$ has changed my trading and my LIFE, never enjoyed trading so much!



Supported Platforms

OEC / S5 TraderYes*No
iQFeed ClientNoYes
X_Trader ProNoYes
* Requires Jigsaw Trading Tools Reconstructed Tape


PriceSquawk Features

PriceSquawk Features

Volume Flow Analysis

E-mini Squawk Example

Create your own personalized squawk-box for any market. This example demonstrates the use of PriceSquawk for commentating the E-mini. PriceSquawk lets you utilize speech, sound effects and sound sequences for representing price action, volume / trade alerts and market events. These are just some of the events you can include in your customized market squawk feed:

Large Buy Large Sell Large Trade Large Bid Small Bid Large Offer Small Offer Volume at Price Liquidity Spikes Bid Taken Offer Lifted Volume Profile Price Action Price Alerts

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