Audible Market Technology


Using PriceSquawk through Jigsaw’s Reconstructed Tape has a number of advantages which will be discussed in this and subsequent blog posts. For those not familiar with the Reconstructed tape (‘Recon tape’) which is included in the Jigsaw Trading Tools package, it is an intelligent Time & Sales tool that exposes the market orders placed by [...]

In this post I will show you how to create your own custom Squawkbox in NinjaTrader which will monitor key order flow events and price action for you, across multiple markets. This will help you anticipate price swings in your traded markets and give you an extra set of eyes when monitoring the order flow [...]

PriceSquawk Auto Mode is a new feature that lets you hear changes in the volume trading without any configuration of PriceSquawk settings.  Its as simple as opening a PriceSquawk and listening to the order flow – if new volume is entering the market relative to recent activity in the session, then trade sounds will be [...]

Like many professional and retail traders have already discovered, the Jigsaw Trading tools are as good as it gets for trade confirmation and selection using the Order Flow.  Their Reconstructed Tape is a powerful tool that lets you observe the actual market orders that are being placed by larger traders, AFTER they have been split [...]

Volume in Time is one of the more powerful PriceSquawk features that lets us hear increased trading activity, or conversely notice decreased market participation.  The increased trading activity is usually where discretionary traders like to get involved as it is more likely to result in a swing in price as the short term emotion of [...]

Its a fairly common question: Can you use your own sounds with PriceSquawk? And the answer is.. YES. Though you are going to have to use some third party tools. The quick solution is find a ‘SoundFont’ online you like for Windows. These are files you can download from many sources on the internet, free [...]

Mobile Day Trading

With a little experience you will notice your ability to pick up on market conditions quickly and intuitively with a glance at the DOM or Tape. Whether it be the size and refresh rate of the bids and offers, the speed of the tape whipping by, or the back and forth of the prints..  as [...]

Your Trading Edge

The following is taken from our 1st Quarter Newsletter – TheSoundTrader Squawk Search for a Trading Edge A lot of traders spend years trying to find a derived systematic edge to beat the markets whether it is mathematical for arbitrage trading, algorithmic for systems trading or analytical for technical traders. Aspiring traders sacrifice a lot [...]