Audible Market Technology


This is definitely worth watching.  If you’re new to day trading, or are considering trading the order flow off the DOM, John from No BS Day Trading breaks it down – Is Scalping Legit?  Make sure you set it to HD and enlarge the viewer.

One of the global NinjaTrader properties you can set for indicators is the ‘Calculate On Bar Close’ property.  By default with PriceSquawk this setting is set to false, so that PriceSquawk processes every tick from the live data feed.  If you set this value to True however, you can then control how often PriceSquawk receives [...]

As ES is the most popular instrument I did a video of experimenting with some PriceSquawk settings for use with the ES.In order, my favourite ES PriceSquawk setups: Trade Sounds and Volume Control Enabled and using Accumulated Volume with Synth Strings (Synth Voice is good too) Trade Sounds and Volume Control Enabled without Accumulated Volume [...]

Here is a short video demonstrating how I use PriceSquawk when trading the Bund.  Correlated markets are the Bobl and Schatz. The Schatz is a great market for using the New Bid / Ask Sounds, as I often miss the happenings of the inside market in my peripheral vision of the Schatz, which can be [...]

Hi and welcome to  In this blog I will share bits and pieces on successful day trading, and also how I use PriceSquawk to enhance my trading. First a little intro for you. I have been day trading for just over a year after nearly three years prior of full time position trading and [...]