Your Trading Edge

The following is taken from our 1st Quarter Newsletter – TheSoundTrader Squawk Search for a Trading Edge A lot of traders spend years trying to find a derived systematic edge to beat the markets whether it is mathematical for arbitrage trading, algorithmic for systems trading or analytical for technical traders. Aspiring traders sacrifice a lot [...]

Market Focus Feature

Focusing on the tape, or the DOM is one of the easiest ways to avoid the processes that distort and filter the market data before we make decisions with it. By observing the raw price and volume action you are getting the most direct feedback loop for market cognition. This is possibly why most successful derivatives traders only need these simple tools to trade successfully. ..Read more

Hearing is the most finely tuned sense that we have by far, and is underutilized in day trading. It is the only sense that all animals have. Not only can we process way more information audibly at any one time, we can respond to sound quantitatively faster than light. There are many benefits to using an Auditory perspective over a Visual perspective when it comes to observing and trading markets..Read more..