Jigsaw Trading’s Reconstructed Tape

Like many professional and retail traders have already discovered, the Jigsaw Trading tools are as good as it gets for trade confirmation and selection using the Order Flow.  Their Reconstructed Tape is a powerful tool that lets you observe the actual market orders that are being placed by larger traders, AFTER they have been split up by the exchange matching algorithm.  You can read more about this process here under the Reconstructed Tape section.

These market orders are what we would ideally like to hear in PriceSquawk, as it allows us to tune in to the battle between buyers and sellers in the market, without the noise of the smaller limit orders that are absorbed by the real market aggressors. Fortunately Peter from Jigsaw Trading agrees, and we have recently integrated the two tools so you can now hear the reconstructed trades occur through PriceSquawk.  This added dimension can be used to keep your ears tuned into the Order Flow as depicted by the Reconstructed Tape, and your eyes on the Jigsaw DOM, or even give them a rest while you wait to hear the ideal market conditions for trading.

You can watch a demonstration by Peter in the official release video below:

Jigsaw Tools Version 5.2.9 - with PriceSquawk Integration

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