My PriceSquawk Setup

Here is a short video demonstrating how I use PriceSquawk when trading the Bund.  Correlated markets are the Bobl and Schatz. The Schatz is a great market for using the New Bid / Ask Sounds, as I often miss the happenings of the inside market in my peripheral vision of the Schatz, which can be an important tip off to movements in the Bund.  With the Bobl I use volume filtering to keep me informed if any size is trading that I aren’t aware of. I monitor accumulated volume as this gives me good indication as to whether the bid or offer is absorbing market orders. ie If greater than 400 trade I will hear it occur. If I continue to hear the Bobl trade sounds and they get louder out the right speaker, I know that offers are absorbing size.

When my concentration is wearing thin or I want extra stimulus for reading the Bund order flow I will enable trade sounds to keep me in the flow of things.  I often find I am much more reactive to audio trade sounds than information I see on the ladder.  Particularly if a price is holding the market for an extended period as I hear the same note play repeatedly, which registers better with me than watching action on the DOM at times.

The order book in the demo is the Jigsaw Trading Depth & Sales tool which I use for my own trading and highly recommend.

Be sure to select 720 (HD) when watching and turn your sound up.

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