TopstepTrader Funded RobinHood!!!

Congratulations RobinHood!

Absolutely stoked for you (aka LoneWolf) for getting funded with TopStepTrader.

It is an outstanding accomplishment working through five Combines to get there.. and what a great interview and cool person – I suggest everyone check it out on the TopstepTrader Youtube Channel to hear what it takes, and hear some of the best advice you will get on achieving your trading goals.

RobinHood for the shout out and explaining how you use PriceSquawk and how you benefit from listening to the market.

“ just adds a whole other dimension to your trading”

Sums it up beautifully. Wish you all the best in progressing with your goals at Topstep, and I am going to have to hit you up for a trader interview one of these days!

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